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Brazil is primarily known for its vast and richly diverse Amazon rainforest. Our trips will not only take you to these world of spectacular wilderness but also give you the opportunity to explore Brazil's other treasures like the world's largest wetlands- the Pantanal.


Discover the magic of Brazil's best kept wilderness secrets

Why Brazil?

Brazil is home to some of the most unique species. Endemic parrots, primates, snakes and an unrivalled endemicity in freshwater fish are some of the highlights of numerous fantastic habitats 

Snorkel in the most crystal clear waters- no, not in the ocean but an inland river!

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Grassland species
Nocturnal Species
Rainforest exotics
Booking a specialised birding trip
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Wildlife photography in Brazil

A photographic trip to Brazil would take you to very different habitats giving you the chance to photograph unique landscapes and a sumptuous diversity of wildlife and birds. From grasslands, to wetlands, to rainforest, learn about distinctive species and their interactions with associated species and their habitat. 

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