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Travel to the oldest rainforest in the world

Borneo. This word brings to mind a flurry of hornbills wings, pygmy elephants which aren't actually so small and the hope of seeing rare treasures like the clouded leopards, flat-headed cats, bristleheads and pittas. It is also notorious for its widespread palm oil plantations. This mosaic of forest and  large-scale monoculture is evident when flying over the island. This harmful clearing of pristine rainforest habitat is problematic for species like orang-utans while others like leopard cats are learning to  adapt to this new, low diversity habitat.

Suggested trip itinerary

Rainforests and reefs

Borneo is a fascinating island that offers visitors a glimpse into the richly diverse world of rainforests as well as insanely colourful reefs. 

The Bornean rainforests are home to some of the rarest creatures like the flying lemur (which isn't really a lemur), pygmy elephants and orang-utans. Borneo is also a top birding destination with 658 species of which 42 are endemic. 

A typical Borneo visit will bring you to three very different habitats: rainforest, river and reef over a period of 2-3 weeks. Get ready for the spectacular orang-utans and flying species in the rainforest to the primates and cats of the Kinabatangan River. You will need to change equipment for underwater photography done either snorkelling or diving. 


  • Orang-utans, pygmy elephants, leopard cats, clouded leopards (if really lucky!), giant squirrel

  • Proboscis monkeys, pig-tailed macaques

  • Bristleheads, hornbills, sunbirds, kingfishers, 

  • Reticulate pythons, crocodiles, monitor lizards, smaller snakes

  • Wildlife in their natural environment

  • Landscapes and seascapes

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