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With the changing laws regarding the use of social media, I have decided to create this little section: thought/photo of the day which will not only be about wildlife but also about my personal life and experiences. 

Foxy 5 copy
Ermine 01 copy
Nossob 01 wm
Meerkat 01
Mata Mata 06
Lion KTP 01 copy
Ermine 02
Whale shark 02
TDP (15)
Kabini 20
Kabini 21
Kabini 01
Lion kalahari
lynx 2
ABD CT (01) small
Sunbird 3
MPittet (03)
LKP (04)
ABD (10)
SL (09)
Malini Pittet (01)
Oldonyo (14)
Soussusvlei (28)
Oldonyo (08)
Tanager no watermark

Check out my most recent article "Whale Sharks: the enigmatic marine giant"


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